Orbs in PoE

Orbs that were added in the Harbinger league, do not work in the new league. Therefore, only older PoE orbs are required
poe orb exalted orb
FALL OF ORIATH ORBS - Full list of PoEs new currency
New poe currency like ancient orb: full list of New PoE Orbs:

1)Orb of annulment
2)Regal shard
3)Orb of binding
4)Orb of horizons
5)Horizon shard
6)Engineer's orb
7)Mirror shard
8)Annulment shard
9)Binding shard
10)Engineer's shard
11)Ancient shard
12)Ancient orb

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Will the new PoE Currency be as popular as the PoE Orbs we have so far? Currently the main currency for which we buy other orbs, are Exalted Orbs and Chaos Orbs, will that change?

What is PoE? What Orbs you can find?


What makes the Path of Exile stand out from other MMOs and MMORPGs? It is definitely a rich PvP exchange system that is lacking in other games of this type. Its graphics do not differ from other paid alternatives (I mean Blizzard's production), but it is much more playable. It gives so much more entertainment and you do not have to pay for it, it is much cheaper and most importantly the game Path of Exile is constantly being developed and improved. We have a new patch for PoE: the Fall of Oriath. This is interesting because the new patch will double the game! So being a Path of Exile player we get the best MMO / MMORPG quality and we do not have to spend too much money on this entertainment. There are also trading platforms that allow users to trade items between themselves. Trade is done on a barter basis, or it is exchanged for real money. Increasingly popular are the exchange of items (most are PoE Orbs) on cryptowals such as Bitcoin, Doge Coin, Ethereum and many others. Economics in the world of the Path of Exile is simple and resembles the principles of the free market in our real world. In the Path of Exile, the main currency is orbs, below the list of the most popular ones. Orbs are arranged in order from the cheapest to the most expensive:

1) Scroll of Wisdom
2) Portal Scroll
3) Armourer's Scrap
4) Blacksmith's Whetstone
5) Orb of Augmentation
6) Orb of Transmutation
7) Orb of Alteration
8) Silver Coin
9) Chromatic Orb
10) Glassblower's Bauble
11) Orb of Alchemy
12) Orb of Chance
13) Orb of Regret
14) Jeweller's Orb
15) Orb of Fusing
16) Chaos orb
17) Gemcutter's Prism
18) Orb of Scouring
19) Regal Orb
20) Vaal Orb
21) Blessed Orb
22) Cartographer's Chisel
23) Divine Orb
24) Exalted Orb
25) Mirror of Kalandra

So we can see a lot of diversity in the world of Path of Exile, who knows? Maybe with the new patch will appear some new items that will be able to play the role of currency in PoE? It is certain that there will be added 6 new acts, one completely new and 5 reworked from previous acts.
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Learn a lot about PoE orbs, here's the full list of orbs in PoE.
As you can see, Exalted orb is bold because it is the main currency in the Path of Exile and used in trade for exchange.
Exalted orb was one of the first orbs in the Path of Exile, it is worth noting the visual similarity between exalted and chaos orb. As the only PoE orbs, they present faces, CHaos Orb - a torn face.
Exalted orb - Faces connected with each other.
Both orbs are gold.
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